ContentConverter CMS

ContentConverter CMS

Put the finishing touches to your issues on the ContentConverter CMS and prepare content for your readers in one process on a number of platforms.

Import, create and edit content in the CMS. Information imported from the ContentConverter Adapter or editorial systems can be published automatically. You can add extra text, images, links, audio, video and other multimedia content to equip your digital publication with added value.

We use an efficient workflow with a preview in the browser and in special preview apps which we provide. Channel-specific and device-specific packages are created automatically, so you don’t need to carry out separate editing for smartphones and tablets.


  • Create issues, adverts and news entries

  • Upload / import issues (manually or automatically)

  • Create metadata and payment information

  • Link in-app purchase products from app platforms

  • Create content (articles, texts, images)

  • Enrich texts with additional content and multimedia elements

  • Create new themed collective issues from existing publications

  • Preview issues in browser and in the preview app

  • Approve issues, time-controlled also available

  • Manage subscribers

  • Backend: managing publishers and titles, CMS users, storage / DB, packaging content, preparing content for downloading, interfaces (subs, user info, payment, Kiosk)