Our easy tool for converting your issues from InDesign or PDF into a variety of different formats.

  • Group together texts and images to articles and get a simple overview of which blocks belong to an article and which have yet to be assigned. Of course, you can do it all via several InDesign documents (Buch, Woodwing Export). You can also edit the original documents and add in subsequent changes automatically.

  • Enter additional information for your articles, such as slugs, teasers and keywords.

  • Use your character styles and paragraph styles to ensure your texts are exported in semantically correct form and assign metadata. Automatically enter image captions and copyright information.

  • Export your texts in HTML5, XHTML, XML, JSON, RSS formats and your images in a variety of formats with different resolutions. With extra overview lists in Excel format or the complete issue in ePub format.

  • Use export for editing and distribution on the ContentConverter CMS. Or use it for your own web presence.