“Making content mobile” - What does this mean for publishers and readers?

Whether it’s with mobile apps or via the web reader, text-based, via a news feed or syndicated: with the ContentConverter system, you can inspire more readers with a modern reading experience. Our technology helps you increase digital revenue and publish cost-effectively. We use innovations to support you in digitally transforming your business and implement your digital strategy quickly.

optimum<br>reading experience
reading experience


increased<br>digital revenue
digital revenue

optimum reading experience

optimum reading experience

  • Enable your customers to enjoy a unique reading experience on a number of platforms with visually sound, perfectly prepared digital issues that are responsive in design.

  • Present content in your own apps in the App Stores. We create apps for you and provide support with App Store management.

  • Publish your content on your website in a unique, modern design with the functionality of a mobile app.

  • Make the reading experience available offline and inspire your customers with added value in digital issues.

  • Let your audience share content in the community.

efficient publishing

efficient publishing

  • Convert your content into mobile issues quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • Automate conversion of your digital issues for use in apps and online.

  • Manage issues, articles and readers with the ContentConverter CMS. You can generate mobile issues without great effort thanks to template-based publishing and ease of use.

  • Save on high investment costs, licence fees and maintenance charges. Our solution is cost-effective thanks to our cloud SaaS model and the standard system with high degree of configuration.

  • Benefit from our experience in a wide range of customer projects. We will be happy to manage apps in stores for you.

increased digital revenue

increased digital revenue

  • Reach more customers in the App Stores and increase your mobile reach, as well as your sales revenue, advertising revenue and brand awareness.

  • Sell your content via an online publishing shop using e-papers, subscriptions, limited time passes or flat rates. We support all common business models for distributing your content.

  • Increase revenue by selling content via in-app purchases and in-app subscription.

  • Gain additional revenue by linking to a subscription system or CRM and distribution of add-on subscriptions and premium services to print customers. Apps also provide a perfect environment for content marketing and native advertising.

  • Concentrate on your content. Create new compilations of articles and issues for dual use. We provide the technology.